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Welcome to SV High!

It is the experiences that shapes the learner’s attitudes towards learning. At SV High we are  committed to provide a happy and joyful learning experiences to keep our learners intrinsically motivated and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

” What We Learn With Joy We Never Forget “

Why join SV High?


The School provides students with a bouquet of indoor and outdoor games and activities to choose from, including swimming, horse riding, singing etc. with the certified and seasoned experts


We have aesthetically designed centralised air conditioning facilities with fresh air circulation

Smart Classroom

We have smart classrooms with the student’s strength of only 20 in each class to focus on each individual

Innovative Activities

We have various clubs to inculcate learning through fun and innovative activities. Creative Art Space to accommodate our student exploration in learning, as well as investigative lab and research spaces.


All our Class rooms, Labs, Restrooms are hygienic and well maintained.


Yoga is an integral part of our lives as it helps improve mental and physical help and hence is part of our compulsory curriculum

Extra Curricular

Structured curriculum for all extra-curricular activities set by the experts of the respective field

Sports Training

Professional sports training is imparted under the guidance of qualified and experienced national coaches


Emphasis on teaching students to become global citizens by providing exposure to various topics and subjects from a worldwide perspective.


The Curriculum gives equal focus on languages and Sciences, thus creating an interest in students towards management, literature or arts subjects.


The aim is to make our students better human beings and follow the principles of compassion and empathy. This is done by focusing on moral studies and personality development.


Students are taught to value everything that they learn and implement it in the real world for the betterment of society. The sole purpose is not topping exams but to build analytical skills and encourage curiosity.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to encourage students of all ages to think critically and challenge assumptions. We encourage students of all ages to consider both local and Global contexts and develop multilingual students. We are equipped with teachers who are able to focus on every student individually.

SV High is an integration between different age groups committed to nurturing each student’s spark of genius in academic or artistic. Every child is encouraged to reach their full potential, to grow into independent thinkers.

We are focused on delivering a world-class Global Curriculum that is supported by a warm and caring environment in which each child is valued. Our talented team of teachers is passionate and well trained, creating an inclusive and engaging environment where our students can explore and thrive.  

We hope that you will explore our school further and experience what makes our school unique and proven, which we affably refer to as “The SVHIS Way”!  

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