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To be a school that fosters a genuine love of learning motivates the learners to develop curiosity and nurture their interest and passion. Our learners will not just adapt but become thoughtful and enabling members of the society.


To provide a happy, safe, supporting and stimulating environment that creates joyful learning experiences for our students and encourages them to be spontaneous learners.

To set up learning activities that allows our learner’s to inquire, engage, explore and express themselves in a variety of creative and interesting ways.

To cater to the diverse learning needs and provide learner-centric educational programs that challenges all the learners to perform to their highest potential.

To develop learning attitudes that will not only enhance the academic potential but also prepare our learners to respond effectively to the fast and frequently changing global forces.

To create an engaging, positive and supportive learning community where every member contributes to each other’s learning, growth and development.


Multiculturalism: We embrace cultural diversity and seek to learn about the unique perspectives of people from cultures different to our own.

Gratitude: We recognize that gratitude practice has a positive effect on academic achievement and supports pro-social behavior.

Individualism: We embrace our true selves and actively build interpersonal relationship by accepting the uniqueness of each other.

Perseverance: We believe in never giving up on our goals even in the most challenging times and situations. We come together as a community to support each other.

Reflectiveness: We value reflection as a way to achieve improvement. We evaluate our experiences, think about our actions and work and learn from them.

Happiness: We believe that happiness is the most important factor in student’s success and its foundation lies in the strong emotional health. We recognize and validate students’ emotional lives and help them work with all their emotions in a balanced way.


We are a group of dedicated educators focussed on providing children with the best experiences while growing up, guiding them in the path towards excellence and transforming them into well-rounded human beings.


SV High International School provides a world class infrastructure with a sprawling campus with facilities for indoor and outdoor games.

Our Facilities include :

Dedicated spaces for various indoor and outdoor sports facilitated by qualified and experienced coaches.

Aesthetically designed air conditioned classrooms with fresh air circulation.

Hygenic and well maintained school campus. 

Creative Art Spaces.

Well equipped labs and library.

Canteen facility providing wholesome nutritious food.

A well equipped infirmary with a trained nurse.

Smart classrooms.

Language lab.

Transport upto 5 Km radius.

Classrooms with flexible work spaces.

Farmstead – An organic farm.