Bridge Course

The last one and a half year has seen a remarkable shift in the teaching- learning process. While the edtech tools and e-platforms offered unlimited possible ways to support the continuation of teaching and learning, yet there are many students who got left behind. Of all such students, it is the kindergartener’s readiness for the next grade that has left the educators very concerned. 

Kindergarten is where the foundation for future school years is laid. It not only offers 3-6 year olds opportunities to develop cognitively, but also enhances their social, physical and emotional development, which is extremely crucial to learning. At Kindergarten, children learn how to be a student and develop positive behavior traits such as working together, taking turns, exercising self control along with academic traits like understanding and following instructions, communicating appropriately, academic attainment in Literacy and Numeracy. 

In the current context, many kindergarteners were homeschooled to avoid much exposure to the screen and for many remote learning just did not work, as theywere too young for it. Parents and the elders in the family took on the responsibility of coaching grade appropriate content to their little ones.  Many of them must have done a good job there. But the question is, is this enough? Are these children socially and emotionally ready for the next grade? Have the UKG children acquired the learning skills necessary for the Primary Year Program? 

It is a fact that many kindergarteners may have not yet stepped into any school and may have to deal with separation anxiety in the first few weeks or even months of schooling. This will have a direct impact on their learning, therefore a school exposure to mitigate the pressures of such situations in the next academic year is very important. 

Our Bridge Course will focus on all the skills necessary for the child to be well prepared for the next grade. The course structure will be a combination of virtual as well as in-class learning through activities, worksheets, videos, games and experiments. It will help the students develop listening, reading, writing, comprehension, number sense, logical thinking, fine and gross motor, social and emotional skills. Enrolled students will be allotted time for school visits along with their parents for them to get used to the concept of the school. 

The duration of the program is three months and will start from 3rd January 2022. 

For more details please fix up an appointment with the Principal.