Primary & Middle School

We will be offering the Cambridge Primary and the Lower Secondary Programs from grade 1 onwards. Preparations for the affiliation to the Cambridge International (CAIE) are already underway. Our pedagogical approaches are drawn from Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence and Lev Vygotsky’s Social constructivism learning theory. Practicing differentiation caters to the unique learning style of every learner and the class environment supports collaborative engagements and interactions for the learners to delve deeper into the concepts.

The instructional design follows Bernice Mc Carthy’s 4 MAT model focusing on personal connections, concept development, practical applications and creative integration of the concepts. Our learners use their own ways of expression and create a portfolio to demonstrate and celebrate their own learning. Formative assessments are an integral part of the teaching-learning process and inform the teachers about the attainment of the learning outcomes and the next step for each child is planned accordingly.